Photo by Danielle Moss

Photo by Danielle Moss

As many of you know, I started Kindred Home in late 2014 (then Sunny & Lo). I left a steady job without much of a plan, just a dream to build my own business, which was pretty crazy to a lot of people - even me at times - yet I held on to faith that I'd figure it out along the way. Even though I'm still figuring it out (every day) I can hardly believe that December 14 of this year will officially mark two years since our first market in LA. I love that this milestone coincides with the holiday season, not only is it our busiest time of year it's also the perfect time of year for reflection...

It's embarrassing to admit but two years ago I didn't realize I was essentially starting a manufacturing company. I thought I was just pouring candles - which I was - but there was so much that had yet to reveal itself. From what I've heard this isn't uncommon at the beginning of any new venture. It's a lot of trial and error, and a lot of tedious tweaks and modifications to work you've already spent countless hours on - it takes some tenacity. At the hardest times it has felt grueling and I question all of my work, but like anything worthwhile there are moments when all that perseverance pays off, moments not unlike a few we've had recently...

We were selected for The Everygirl's 2016 Gift Guide - an honor I don't take lightly. I read The Everygirl long before I started my business. I love reading about all the successful women they feature, and I routinely reference their guides for gifting inspiration, which makes this milestone that much more monumental. There are millions of products (and countless candles) on the market, which makes being included very special. You have to have a lot of faith to start a business and develop a product, you have to believe that what you're doing is worthwhile - if you don't believe in your own work, who will? In reflecting on this event I realized it was the perfect topic for my second blog post because it marked a moment when my work was acknowledged by people I admire on a platform that speaks directly to women just like me.

As if that wasn't enough, it gets even better. Being in The Everygirl Gift Guide was amazing, yet an even more thrilling moment came just a few days ago when their Cofounder, Danielle, included our Mistletoe candle in her article, 8 Candles to Gift This Holiday Season. At the top of a list that included candles by Jo Malone and Diptyque was OUR Mistletoe candle! Wow!

It's true that our candles have been featured on other platforms but this time is different because it's the first time since we became Kindred Home, and the first time in front of such a big audience. These features feel like holiday gifts to me because I'll always be able to look back at 2016 and remember the first time our candles were featured in major gift guides. And when things get rough next year and those moments of uncertainty creep up - as they do for all of us - I'll be able to reflect the validation and excitement I felt in these moments. And with that, I'm sending abundant gratitude to The Everygirls, especially Danielle, it's a milestone for Kindred Home and a holiday gift I will always treasure!

*feature image via Danielle Moss

A Kindred Blog

It's a crisp December evening and I'm sitting at my desk even though the shop closed 40 minutes ago. The market lights are still softly glowing and my favorite Spotify Christmas playlist "Christmas Jazz & Joy" is still singing in the background, and this quiet winter night has unexpectedly presented itself as the perfect moment for my first blog post. When I came in to work this morning I didn't plan to finally start the Kindred Blog that so many people have been encouraging me to begin, yet here I am, reflecting on the next days and weeks ahead and looking back on 2016. I'm full of gratitude and anxious with anticipation; 2016 has been a year of tremendous growth and an exercise in patience, and 2017 is already promising to be another busy year. In 2016 we moved to Rochester to expand our home fragrance studio, my husband took a big leap in his career, we re-branded the business, established a brick-and-mortar, and the list goes on. With so much behind us it finally feels like the right time to commit to this new blog. Even though this isn't my first foray into blogging, (I tried my hand at it in 2014 - it wasn't the right time), I have renewed faith that this new Kindred Blog, which I'm affectionately calling Kindred Moments, will be a success. I want to share moments behind the scenes at our studio but also glimpses in to my home life as my husband and I undertake the gradual renovation and redesign of our 1955 Colonial. I won't post every day but shoot for once per week (to start). I hope you follow along. I can only hope that this space will be a true reflection of our mission to inspire optimism, gratitude and comfort by sharing our love of all things home. Welcome, we hope to have you back again and again to share in our Kindred Moments!